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Refund Policy

My Lishi goal is to provide quality health care to all at an affordable price and in a timely manner. No-shows, late shows, and cancellations cause inconvenience to those who need access to medical care. We have created a policy regarding cancelled and missed appointments and refund policy as applicable. My Lishi requests all the users to read this Refund Policy carefully

Cancellation Policy

The user can cancel the appointment at any time from anywhere by either using our website www.mylishi.com or our mobile application My Lishi. Any explanations on the cancellation can be obtained by sending us a mail at contact@mylishi.com.

The Doctors/ Practitioners can cancel the appointment at any time from anywhere by either using our website www.mylishi.com or our mobile application My Lishi.

My Lishi is simply providing a platform for the Users and Practitioners/ Doctors and all rights would be reserved with the service provider.

Refunds Policy

If the doctor with whom the User has booked a paid appointment via the Website www.mylishi.in, is not able to meet the User due to any reason, the User will need to write to us at contact@mylishi.in.

In such a case, three options are available to the user such as

· Reschedule the appointment with the specialist doctor/practitioner.

· The complete consultation amount as stated on the My Lishi Website will be reimbursed to the User.

· The amount may be added as a credit in the account of the user and be adjusted in due course for future consultations.

Users are allowed a period of three days to flag any consultation as inadequate and request for a refund. No refund request shall be considered thereafter.

In case the user cancels the appointment 2 hours before the appointment time, users are entitled to get a complete refund of service charges. However, later than 2 hours no refund would be initiated.

If in the case where the User, does not show up for the appointment booked with a doctor/practitioner, without cancelling the appointment, the amount will not be refunded. However, where cancellation charges have been levied, you would not be entitled to a complete refund even if you have cancelled beforehand.

Users will not be eligible to any reimbursements in cases where the doctor/practitioner is unable to meet the User at the exact time of the scheduled appointment time and the User is required to wait.

In case the user’s credit/debit card or payment account has been accidentally overcharged, please notify My Lishi of the same at the earliest.

In the case of over-charging, the user has the following options:

· Claim a refund of the outstanding amount. In such a scenario, My Lishi shall make all endeavours to refund the amount within 7-14 working days. The outstanding amount may also be credited to the account of the user to be adjusted in future consultations for themselves or the family members.

· The refund shall be made in the original mode of payment done by the User while booking the appointment.

· For claiming a refund, the consumer should necessarily have the valid invoice of the investigations, to be able to get the refund.

Settlement Policy

All settlements to the Doctors/Practitioners/ and Users are made as per the RBI guidelines and the time taken to process the reimbursement would be as per the said guidelines. A transaction is considered as completed, only upon the accomplishment of the free follow-up period.

Any clarifications on the settlement period and policy can be requested by sending My Lishi an e-mail at contact@mylishi.com.

If in case the User requests for a refund and the request is substantiated by My Lishi support team post investigation, the amount will be deducted from the next appointment made to the Doctor/Practitioner if not adjusted previously.

The Doctor/Practitioner will not be informed in case of individual refund requests.

All refunds shall be made solely at the discretion of My Lishi.