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My Lishi helps you find doctors in your area. Read verified reviews from patients to select the right doctor and see real-time availability for every doctor with cost upfront.

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Forget the hassle of booking appointments. Consult a doctor at your ease from home to combat the spread of COVID-19 with My Lishi.

We offer premium healthcare services through the network of experienced and certified doctors in your area. Skip the struggle of visiting the doctor and get expert advice anytime, anywhere.

Get online doctor consultation easily and securely where different specialized doctors like general physicians, dermatologists, ENT specialists, dentists, gynecologists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, dieticians, pediatricians are connected to offer medical assistance via text or chat, phone, and video consultation.

My Lishi enables you to get in touch with online doctors and healthcare professionals 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Join with online doctor consultation network through My Lishi platform and app and ask health questions freely.